Kinetic Chromogenic LAL
Kinetic Chromogenic LAL
Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Test Reagents Endochrome-K™, our kinetic chromogenic assay (KCA) facilitates your endotoxin screening with its ease of use and unique reagent stability. Featuring an optimized 0.001 EU/mL limit of detection formulation, our KCA provides increased sensitivity, greater linearity and superior interference resistance. Endochrome-K™ delivers quantitative endotoxin values in roughly an hour, and its use of reconstituted LAL allows for extended bench time and reuse, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

Endochrome-K 320tests 10 x 3.2 mL vials

96-well polystyrene plate (certified to 0.005 EU/mL) M9005

Endosafe Microplate Reader

Endoscan-V Software

The Endoscan-V software comes with a comprehensive help section and IQ/OQ/PQ guidelines.